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We all need help on the way to greatness.
Loving Dedications is here to you get there.

Loving Dedications is your opportunity to affordably demonstrate your excellence by connecting people near and far with your organization. Through our technology, the community recognizes and appreciates your relationship with them and makes it easy and attractive for them to do business with you.

By providing rich interactive experiences using easy-to-use, sophisticated technology, we help you invest in your relationships and through that investment drive more customers your way.

Our technologies: The Loving Dedication System, WebCasts, 365 Days of Care, and Loving Dedications Keepsakes target your audience, encourage their participation, and reward them for their investment in a meaningful experience.

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Loving Dedications Internet Memorials

Check out all the features that make Loving Dedications Internet Memorials stand out from the competition:

WebCasts - Live WebCasts demonstrate your excellence by connecting people near and far with your organization.

Upload Photos - audio clips, video and the spoken work. Powerful content creation keeps visitors coming back! Visitors can upload their photos into a personalized photo album, guests can order prints from the album!

Flash Video - Providing sophisticated experiences shows you're at the top of the game. Visitors upload their family videos and The Loving Dedication System automatically translates the video into Flash, thereby improving speed, privacy and the viewer's experience.

Fully Managed Services - The list just keeps getting longer as we add more and more fully managed services, including

  • Q-Review which allows all content to be approved by real people before it is published to your site;
  • Revenue Generation Tools including marketing programs to generate more profits
  • State of the art technology
  • Affordable plans tailored to meet your needs
  • Hospice Partnerships that lead to new business
  • Turn-key and Worry Free
  • Everything is included
  • We do it ALL for you!