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# Name Occasion
1. Alverson, Mary Ann Funeral
2. Biggin, Kathleen Ruth Funeral
3. Covais, Elizabeth Funeral
4. Draxler, Don Funeral
5. Dunn, Drew Byron Funeral
6. Fiscus, Virgil "Virg" D. Funeral
7. Flint, Robert Allen Funeral
8. Franzen, Ione M. Funeral
9. Garland, Alice Jane Funeral
10. Gilbert, Timothy Ray Funeral
11. Greeley, Doyle Edwin Funeral
12. Greenzweight, Carrie May Funeral
13. Harbaugh, Ernest G. Funeral
14. Howard, Virginia Joy Funeral
15. Jennings, Brian B. Funeral
16. Jewell, Helen Louise Walden Funeral
17. Johnson, JoAnn M. Funeral
18. Jones, Jack Dale Funeral
19. King, Marjorie Sitz Funeral
20. Krutar, Jerry Pierre Funeral