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# Name Occasion
1. Aguilar, Kylee Grace Funeral
2. Anderson, Arlene J. Funeral
3. Armendariz, Margaret Marina Funeral
4. Armour, Jeanne Funeral
5. Bailey, Dick Funeral
6. Bevans, James “Jim” Funeral
7. Brueback, Lynn DuWayne Funeral
8. Card, William “Bill” Leroy Funeral
9. Casey, David William Funeral
10. Cathelyn, Richard Leopold Funeral
11. Coulter, Phyllis Eileen Funeral
12. Crown, Rose Ann Funeral
13. Dassow, Larry Otto John Funeral
14. Davis, Myrna Funeral
15. DeDecker, Barbara Ellen Funeral
16. Farner, William (Bill) D. Funeral
17. Ferguson, Doyle G. Funeral
18. Gosso, James Funeral
19. Grace, Janet Eileen Funeral
20. Harbaugh, Ernest G. Funeral